Nareia – the association for the promotion of meditation, mindfulness and conscious living

What does that actually mean? In an interview, Dr. Sonja Böhme questions about meditation, inspiration of the association and what Nareia offers. She also addresses the importance of meditation for society.

1st question: Dear Sonja! What inspired you to start an association for meditation, mindfulness and conscious living?


With the work in the association I would like to set a counterpoint to the emerging powerlessness of the present time. There are more and more people who feel stress, no matter what age group. And meditation is a scientifically proven way to get out of stress and back towards joy and health.

2. Question: What types of meditation will the association offer and for whom?


It is important to me that in the medium term the club can offer something for all age groups. Low-threshold access should also be found for young people and children in particular. Because meditation can be fun, especially in the form of, for example, imaginary journeys or relaxation training in the form of, for example, progressive muscle relaxation and can also help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

For adults who are particularly challenged by the current multiple burdens, it is important to have access to relaxation meditation and relaxation training.

The seminars of our association are particularly helpful for working people. They teach everyday exercises that take little time and still allow relaxation.

3. Question: Do you think that meditating helps against the current division in society?


Yes, meditation is real peace work. If you are more centered yourself and feel joy and love, then you will also develop tolerance for what is happening and what is happening on the outside. Especially the meta-meditation (love meditation) and gratitude meditation are very supportive and promote positive thoughts.

4. Question: That sounds like a lot of meditation techniques. Does the club have any other offers?


The big picture of the association stands for mindfulness and a more conscious life. There will also be various seminars in which the focus is on the connection and love for nature and all living beings.

In the “Power from Nature” seminar we will harvest and prepare herbs, vegetables and fruit together. Mindfulness exercises in nature sharpen perception and lead to a new quality of connection with our environment.

In the seminar “Physical health through alkaline fasting and relaxation” we offer a break in the countryside. It should actually be called a base fasting holiday. It’s all about enjoyment and being spoiled, even if it means fasting.

In the seminar “Successful on all levels” we deal with our subconscious through shadow work and inner child work and also work systemically with the collective consciousness.

Clarity ® is a guide to a better quality of life. The process was developed by the American psychologist Jeru Kabbal, who is best known for the Quantum Light Breath breathing meditation he developed. Elements in the seminar such as yoga in the morning, shadow work, inner child work, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation exercises, dancing and much more support personal development with many practical exercises.

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