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About Nareia

We, from the Nareia association, accompany you on your path of meditation, mindfulness and conscious living. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or have already gained a lot of experience.

dr Sonja Boehme

dr Sonja Böhme has years of experience in business and international management. She knows what it means to be under pressure in business and as a manager to keep a cool head in stressful phases. She now devotes her life to mindfulness and passes on her experiences to other managers in training courses. Through her psychology studies, she expands her know-how on the scientific level and thus provides her clients with enormous added value.


  • Studies and doctorate at the Montanuniversität Leoben, DI Dr. monthly
  • Degree in Psychology, BSc.
  • Clarity Teacher®
  • Certified relaxation and mindfulness trainer
  • Commercially certified masseuse

dr Walter Boehme

dr Walter Böhme loves technology, especially vehicles, and has dedicated his professional life to constant further development and innovation. So it was not surprising that his retirement did not put an end to his striving for something new. He realized his closeness to nature through further training as a herbalist and also indulges creatively in his vegan cuisine.


  • Studies and doctorate at the
    Vienna University of Technology, DI. Dr. techn.
  • Finance studies in Krems/ Vancouver, MSc MBA
  • Sales management course, University of Graz
  • Graduated herbalist
Image - Magdalena Wleck

Mag. Magdalena Wlcek

After many years of experience in industry and management consulting in the areas of recruiting, training and personnel development, Mag. Magdalena Wlcek has been supporting people from a wide variety of backgrounds on their personal, mental and physical development path for more than 10 years. Its uniqueness is based on the combination of economic consulting experience, well-founded engagement with borderline sciences, neurological and spiritual insights implemented in individual work in personality development. She is characterized by the gift of using a wide variety of techniques from different worlds in a structured and playful way. She uses her know-how in a sensitive, strengthening and solution-oriented manner.


  • Law studies, Mag.
  • Course for organizational and personnel development (BOEP, 3 years)
  • Clarity Process (5 years, completion 2010)
  • Kinesiology training according to Dr. Klinghardt, Diploma 2010
  • Training in systemic work (Roth and Dinesh Yuckoff)
  • Life and social counselor
  • Access Consciousness (Access Bars, Face Lift)
  • Continuing education in personality development, kinesiology and self-awareness in alternative healing methods since 2003

Tamara Travnicek

Tamara’s life journey repeatedly led her to challenges that supported her in her growth process. Whatever came into her life as an “obstacle” or “difficulty” she wanted to understand and heal from the bottom up.

Thus, she explored many areas of expertise until she finally found her destiny as a soul mentor. A special gift that she has brought into her life and can now use for others. Radiantly she stands before us today:

From soul to soul.


  • Soul Mentor
  • Energetic
  • Kinesiology: Touch for Health
  • Reiki
Image - Magdalena Wleck

Carolin Schaffner

Carolin combines a passion for exploring the world with a talent for bringing structure and stability to chaos. Their experiences can serve as inspiration to tackle challenges with an open mind and a structured approach.

Originally coming from a stable background, Carolin deliberately broke away from this stability in order to gain a broader perspective. Her travels and stays in different countries have taught her to adapt quickly to new environments and to understand different cultures.

Relocation? No problem! She could probably write a book on how to feel at home in a new country in no time at all. Through her numerous moves, she has developed a pronounced talent for organization. Setting up a new daily routine in unfamiliar surroundings has become routine for Carolin.

Image - Magdalena Wleck

Florian Neuscheller

I love to move my body.

I enjoy the moments when I can simply
only am, in which everything falls away and only “being” remains.
I am grateful for my children – and that they
teach me to grow up.

I can’t describe my vision any better
as Van Morrison:
“If my heart could do my thinking
And my head would start to feel
I would look upon the world anew
and know whats truly real.”


  • Certified Hara Shiatsu practitioner (Tomas Nelissen)
  • Numerous Shiatsu training courses with Dr. Wilfries Rappenecker
  • Breath therapy training with Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke
  • State-certified massage therapist
  • Numerous retreats in Vipassana meditation in India and Nepal.
  • Numerous workshops in Ashtanga Yoga
  • Training in holistic nutrition according to the 5 elements of TCM with Claude and Ina Diolosa.
  • Several years of training in Skan body therapy with L. Neidhöfer and P. Mathes
  • Practitioner of Sprialdynamics.

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