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Personal development with Clarity ®


Next dates: April 28 – May 7, 2023 and October 6 – 15, 2023.

Location: Villa Istra, Opatija, Croatia

It doesn’t matter whether you are already well advanced in your meditation experience or just beginning. Clarity picks you up right where you are. In the seminar you will learn tools to explore your subconscious and thus recognize the thought patterns that control you unconsciously. This allows you to realign your life.

Successful on all levels


Next dates: April 5-9, 2023 and September 27-October 1, 2023.

Location: Licht-Quell-Alm, Bad Mitterndorf

During these days we offer you a relaxed and mindful setting that will enable you to take a well-founded look at your inner position. Various techniques are used, such as systemic constellation work, shadow work and mindfulness exercises. In this way you can approach your personal goals strengthened, relaxed and confident, whether they are of a professional, private or family nature.

Physical health through alkaline fasting and relaxation


Next date: March 26-31, 2023

Location: Licht-Quell-Alm, Bad Mitterndorf

A week for your body – what a luxury! Give your body, which supports you every day with its functionality, back the strength and enjoy delicious and relieving food together with guided relaxation exercises.

Power from nature seminars

Soul Encounter


Next date: June 30- July 2, 2023

Location: Licht-Quell-Alm, Bad Mitterndorf

We are the sum of all our experiences from all our lives.

In the seminar you will experience the dissolution of obstructive blockages from your past lives through a personally experienced soul touch. Practical exercises to integrate new healing images will help you release life energy and take more life force home with you.

Power from nature seminars

Business offer

Business offer


After many years in business and international management, I have learned what it means to be under pressure in business and to keep a cool head as a manager in stressful phases.

In my workshops you will learn practical methods that support you in achieving your goals and that you can also integrate into your everyday life after the workshop.

Individually designed team workshops and individual work on the topics:

Kindness: Appreciative interaction in professional life
Recharge: relax and healthy sleep
Resilience: Joy in a constantly changing environment

and much more…

If you are interested, please send me an email request.