QLB – The Quantum Light Breath

The Quantum Light Breath is a 1 hour dynamic breathing meditation by Jeru Kabbal and one of the tools from the seminar “Clarity Process” in which you get to know and realign your unconscious patterns.
Unresolved mental conflicts and emotional stress unconsciously lead to impaired breathing. Dynamic breathing meditation can give you access to healing.
The name “Quantum Light Breath” refers to the idea that this method can expand consciousness and provide the body with new energy.

The QLB is based on Vipassana meditation, in which the meditator keeps an inner distance from the constant stream of thoughts, feelings and sensory impressions. Jeru Kabbal has dynamically designed the QLB to make this meditation even more effective and widely accessible.
Those who practice the QLB can have deep experiences and experience purification on all levels.
Deep insights, access to your creativity and a tangible heart opening are possible.

In QLB you will be guided through successive breathing phases and accompanied by music.

In Vienna, a live Quantum Light Breath session takes place every 4-6 weeks. With current topics in each case. Registration and dates: Current

The Quantum Light Breath procedure


The first phase of QLB lasts up to 20 minutes, is supported by emotionally moving music and serves to relax. Deep circular breathing builds energy that causes old memories to surface. When this happens, the memories are allowed to be there, but you don’t deal with them. By allowing the memories to happen, the message is given to the subconscious that the memories are no longer important and therefore the subconscious can let them go.

The second phase lasts up to 5 minutes, the music becomes more rhythmic and a dynamic breathing phase follows. Dynamic chest breathing can artificially stimulate fear patterns so that they can be transformed and released.

The third phase is the floating phase. You breathe slowly and high into the tops of your lungs, sitting in majestic posture. The music supports a sense of strength, joy and presence. Deep insights are possible in this phase.

The fourth phase lasts up to 20 minutes and is the phase of integration between the inner emotional world – the inner child – and the present adult. There may be an experience of oneness, a palpable opening of the heart, and an increased flow of ideas in an expanded state of consciousness.

Afterwards, listen to soft relaxing music to let the effects linger before getting back to your daily routine.


Relaxation after QLB

Rebirthing according to Leonard Orr and holotropic breathing according to Stanislaf Grof are both similar methods. Jeru Kabbal, however, introduced a very significant difference: The subconscious should recognize in the QLB that the memories are over. Speech accompaniment keeps you from worrying about solving the problem. Mindfulness with the breath decouples the memory. Rebirthing and holotropic breathing lead the client into the emotion of the suppressed emotional conflicts. This requires the guidance of a therapist; the QLB can be performed independently.

The QLB is performed in a seated present posture, on a chair or on a yoga cushion on the floor. We recommend that you choose the sitting position in which you can sit continuously for an hour. It is advisable not to eat anything until about 1 hour before the QLB, so that full and deep breathing is well possible.

You need:

  • Comfortable and loose clothing
  • A place where you can be undisturbed for an hour
  • Computer and an additional speaker or headphones (to be able to listen to the music loudly)
  • Meditation cushion or chair
  • A blanket so that you can lie relaxed in the aftermath
  • Handkerchiefs

What the Quantum Light Breath can do:

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Mood improvement
  • Resolution of traumatic memories
  • Increase the energy level
  • Expansion of consciousness
  • Sleep improvement
  • Promotion of physical health

Original QLB from Jeru Kabbal

Those who perform the QLB more frequently should switch between the different versions, which differ by different pieces of music, energies and moods.

Store to purchase audio files for the QLB: Here
Book for QLB: Here

We recommend doing the Quantum Light Breath once a week, or more often for intense workouts.
It is also very suitable to practice a weekly metta meditation as a supplement.
Metta meditation, or loving-kindness meditation, is a Buddhist practice for cultivating compassion for ourselves and others.


Voices about the Quantum Light Breath:


Ich empfinde mich seit dem Prozess auf einem neuen Level an Ruhe im Alltag. [...] Besonders gefallen hat mir, dass ihr auch vorlebt, wovon ihr sprecht! Das war sehr inspirierend und motivierend!
Mein Weg ist hier sicher noch nicht vorbei.

Ich empfinde mich seit dem Prozess auf einem neuen Level an Ruhe im Alltag. [...] Besonders gefallen hat mir, dass ihr auch vorlebt, wovon ihr sprecht! Das war sehr inspirierend und motivierend!
Mein Weg ist hier sicher noch nicht vorbei.

Amazing! I would never have thought that you could experience something like that! That was my first QLB and I want more!

- Heike aus Nürnberg -


Dear Sonja! Thank you for this profound experience. Your voice makes me feel especially well taken care of.

- Christina aus Leoben -


The tears just flowed... I can't even describe the feeling, but so much was allowed to release.

- Heidi aus Tulln -

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