Physical health through alkaline fasting and relaxation

We support you in focusing on your body and your relaxation for a week.

You will enjoy delicious dishes lovingly prepared by us, reawaken your senses and relieve your body in a gentle way. During this time, we fast and avoid all foods that are metabolized in the body as acidic. Selected teas, herbs and treatments will promote your physical detoxification.

We support your mental “detoxification” with mindfulness training, yoga, relaxation exercises, meditation and breathing techniques.

Let us pamper you!


Seminar management:
dr Sonya and Dr. Walter Boehme

The seminars in 2022 are fully booked, please send us a request for pre-booking for 2023

Location: Licht-Quell-Alm, Bad Mitterndorf ( )

Price Seminar and organic wholefood meal: EUR 660,- incl. VAT, 5 days

Price accommodation: single room EUR 56,- per night, double room: EUR 46,- per night and person.

Elements in the seminar:

  • Personal consultation
  • Lecture “Acid-Bases”
  • Daily morning yoga
  • Joint herb hikes
  • meditations
  • relaxation exercises
  • liver wrap
  • alkaline baths
  • Detox massage
  • Supportive herbal teas

Comments on the seminar:


„Die schönsten Erinnerungen sind stets Erlebnisse, für die man sich Zeit genommen hat.“

- Charles Kuralt -


Nur in einem ruhigen Teich spiegelt sich das Licht der Sterne.

- Chinesisches Sprichwort -


„Jeder kann zaubern, jeder kann seine Ziele erreichen, wenn er denken kann, wenn er warten kann, wenn er fasten kann.“

- Herman Hesse, Siddharta -


„Die besten aller Heilmittel sind die Ruhe und das Fasten.“

- Benjamin Franklin -


„Das Fasten ist der Frieden des Körpers.“

- Chrysologus, Bischof von Ravenna -

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